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Title: Another issue
Post by: 1930 on May 08, 2011, 05:06:32 AM
Ok this one loaded real quick no problem, why cant I get a smiley face or any face anymore, is this something I can change on my comp. so I can use them? How do I add to my signature, sorry if all this has been covered already, my remodel project is nearly complete and I have extra limited time to read every thread here.
I have been also meaning t add that I am sure this site is maybe more expensive than the last, I am assuming that there is no chance that this  material wil be  lost, I am assuming that all this new material is somehow being archived, I am assuming this because i dont think Noel would like to see the same mistake happen twice and I am assuming he has fixed that somehow prob. at a greater expense to him.
This site is not like the AACA and some other big sites that have slush funds so I would suggest that it is the right thing to do to donate, just twenty bucks a year wouldnt kill anyone here, that is all I did and will continue to do, its a good site and we all benefit so its the right thing to do, if ever this site gets so big that Noel has sponsors ( I am assuming now that is the end result that is being persued ) than dont donate I guess but at this point just help to keep this site alive, there is no other place that I know of on the net ( and dont really care to know of another if it does exist ) that I can get questions answered like the post I made on my ignition set that Bus was kind enough to add to.
Id also like to read my post right after I submit, the old forum once you submitted it would automatically redirect me to mynew message, now it takes me all the way back to the particular forum I am posting in, can this be fixed, thanks
While I am at it I would also like an endless herom of wives ready to satisfy my every possible need, ( see this is where I would insert smiley face ) thanks again
Title: Re: Another issue
Post by: Papaw on May 08, 2011, 06:00:21 AM
I have not incurred any great expense in rebuilding Tool Talk, and haven't produced a Donation button yet. I will today, but am not begging for donations.
The possibility of a reocurrence of the malware attacks is always there on the internet, and there is not much I can do about it, but I will run regular backups so that restoration is possible rather than a total rebuild.
I don't intend to have ads, ever. I also don't like the idea of a paid sponsorship system, I feel that should be totally voluntary.
As for smileys, they were here, but don't seem to be working now, and I will try to see why.
Title: Re: Another issue
Post by: rusty on May 08, 2011, 06:14:35 AM

I was going to mention the donate button on your main page pointing at the old hosting folks, but I figured you were kinda busy....

[It doesn't work now that you cancelled the old account anyhow]

The smileys are broken because the domain name in the links isn't configured...
Title: Re: Another issue
Post by: 1930 on May 08, 2011, 09:58:16 AM
I see, I thought that getting adds was a way of having someone else pay for your site so it can grow larger and then more perks but glad to hear that you dont care about that, I would not either, life is too short to keep going after the red ribbon, sometimes its nice just to get the yellow