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Title: .60 cent grab bag
Post by: OilyRascal on May 10, 2012, 08:15:17 PM
It was a small clear baggy labeled "Guy Stuff .60" - I spotted a tin of air checks and decided I'd make use of them for .60

As part of "digging out", I was able to look through the bag tonight.  Not only did I have a nice set of air checks in the tin, but I found a bottle of General Cement Carbon-X.  The only information I can find suggest it may be for noise reduction in electronics.  I'd be interested to hear from anybody that may have experience with it.

I also found in the bag a complete set of 1/2" NPT Ridgid pipe dies new in the box.  T-shaped.  I'm hopeful (crossing fingers) the dies will fit one of the older pipe cutters at the shop.  I will do a dance if I lucked up and found .60 NPT dies for any one of those older cutters. 
Title: Re: .60 cent grab bag
Post by: rusty on May 11, 2012, 03:12:59 PM
>...noise reduction in electronics...

The only other thing I found is it seems to be  graphite in parafin, so probably used as a paint on electrical conductor,  would be good for noise reduction (The IEEE article) and used for patching up flaky electrical contacts (another partial article). seems to date from the 50's or 60's ??

(There is a much older product named Carbon-X that is for removing carbon deposits in old automobile engines  ...1912 vintage)

No one's pipe dies are interchangable , that would make sense....;P
But if you have a old Rigid threader it will probably fit.....
Title: Re: .60 cent grab bag
Post by: scottg on June 10, 2012, 10:23:40 PM
If they won't fit, take a picture of the pipe dies.
  Some can be resharpened fairly easy.  Others not so much.
 yours Scott