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Woodworking Forum / Disston No. 3
« Last post by Northwoods on Today at 09:33:55 PM »
Came home the other day with a Disston and Sons No. 3 pruning saw.  It has a nice No. 3-P blade with a good etch with the May 26, 1874 date (although I have no idea what it references).
The tote is about 4" by 7 1/2" and it has 16" of teeth.
It is the one that looks like a giant compass saw with a long goose neck.
I see it in a 1940 catalogue but want to know its production dates.  My only hint is that the Institute shows the "and Sons" was added in 1871, though I have no illusions that mine is anywhere near that old..  Mine has two crown nuts but never had any medallion.
Do any of you fellows have access to an early Disston catalogue or one from a mass distributor?
Daily Quote / Quote of the Day 5-29-2017
« Last post by Papaw on Today at 08:08:06 PM »
Memorial Day

These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor - and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free from threats of terror.
Michael N. Castle
General Discussion / Re: Collecting Antidote?
« Last post by EVILDR235 on Today at 07:38:40 PM »
I plan to be buried in a large red tool box. They can put my ashes in the drawer made for the Machinery's Handbook and my favorite tools in the rest of the drawers. Then they will lower me and my forever home into a cement vault and fill the vault with 200 gallons of J B Weld epoxy to protect me and my chrome plated iron goodies.

General Discussion / Re: Collecting Antidote?
« Last post by wvtools on Today at 06:58:14 PM »
Why would you want the antidote for that?

One way to limit collecting is to pick a singular focus or a narrow focus if you really want to limit it.  When I first started dealing in tools, I decided that I had to collect one type of tool or I would never want to sell anything.  I toyed with pliers and wrenches, but settled on measuring tools.  I still have gone a little crazy with it (800+ zigzags, 600 tape measures, and thousands of other things), but it still all fits in one room (barely).
What's-It Forum / Re: Stanley Tools ???????
« Last post by lptools on Today at 05:52:24 PM »
BTW, This sounds like a tool for plyerman!!!!!!!
What's-It Forum / Re: Stanley Tools ???????
« Last post by lptools on Today at 05:51:31 PM »
Hello, Nice thought on the binding, but I don't think this tool makes the correct punch. There is a void at the back end of the cutout with this tool, nothing for the spiral, or other bindings to grab, they would just fall through. Still digging, Lou
Welcome Board and Introductions / Re: New to Forum
« Last post by p_toad on Today at 05:31:39 PM »
Harold, welcome to the forum.   And here we thought you would be asking for info on collecting MORE tools...    :embarrassed:
What's-It Forum / Re: Stanley Tools ???????
« Last post by p_toad on Today at 05:23:15 PM »
they make it in plastic,  wire, and plastic-coated wire (and probably things i'm forgetting...
General Discussion / Re: Collecting Antidote?
« Last post by leg17 on Today at 03:25:29 PM »
Does anyone know of an antidote for tool collecting?

What's-It Forum / Re: Stanley Tools ???????
« Last post by lptools on Today at 02:50:56 PM »
Hello, Bill. Maybe so!! My first thought when I picked it up was a corner notcher, but that proved wrong. Yadda, what is spiral binding? Thanks for all the replies, Lou
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