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Old blacksmith forge work
« on: January 04, 2014, 10:29:25 PM »
Was in an antique mall today, surfing for tools.   Bought a large oil can, and a 3 inch folding rule.   The forgework I saw, was on a chest.  This was a made in Sweden, immigrant trunk.   Steel banded, with latches and hinges integral with the over the top band.   The edges were re-inforced with thin steel, cut in deep scallops for some design, then carefully nailed on.   The work on the latches was superb, the hinge area even and finished, plus the latch tab was also gently tapered, so when down and locked it would not snag on things.  It was labeled as a tool chest, but had a sliding shelf and all lined with old flowered wall paper.   I hate to think of this piece leaving the family that packed their things for a trip to a new land to start over.  I'd have gladly bought it save for the $295 price, ones on ebay are much higher, but not movin too fast.  Nice to see something from the 1870s, not rotted or rusty, with so much original metal  intact.   
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