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S-K Tools - Show Me - Dates - Unusual
« on: July 17, 2017, 12:56:39 PM »
I have a lot of S-K Tools, at least a lot for me.

Last Friday I found a partial set at an estate sale. Some of the reasons I liked it are it had most of it's label and it was a metric set.

But the label was cut out on two sides.  Why would someone do that?

Researching the set I found a Popular Science advertisement from June, 1976.  I think it answered two questions, the corners were cut out to send into Dresser for the free screwdriver, and, the set was made pre-July, 1976. 

One other thing - the label lists "10 3/8" drive 6 pt. Metric sockets, 7mm, thru 17 mm"   Well, 7 thru 17 is 11 sockets.  They didn't include a 16mm, socket.

Does anyone else have interesting S-K tool related items to share



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