Author Topic: Would any collectors be interested in trading old Snap On for newer Snap On ?  (Read 245 times)

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Trying to keep my newly minted Jaguar / Land Rover / Audi mechanic son out of Snap on Truck debt as much as possible.
Gave him all my newer stuff but figure the more collectible older stuff would be more appreciated by some of you guys

Even up trades, Wrench for a wrench, socket for a socket, impact for impact............. don't care about size that doesn't have to be the same.

Only thing is he only wants metric, these are all SAE, and I want him to be able to warranty it out without any issues
(23 year old kid swapping a circa 1956 wrench doesn't quite work)

If anyone is interested I'll post photos

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so,, you are offering to trade vintage snap-on  SAE  tools for modern Metric snap on tools?

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Yes, that's exactly what I mean

My old Snappys for MAC's would be OK too
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