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Today at work...
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:30:48 PM »
  My boss's dad (87 years old) works in the shop a few days a week.  He was in today and he calls me over.  "You like old tools, how's this for a wrench?" and he hands me a heavy Williams 1-1/4 DOE wrench - in excellent condition.  "You can have that" he says.  So I thanked him and I told him about wrenchguy's big wood wrench display board.  I told him I'd see about donating it to that display.
  A short while later he calls me over again and hands me a huge near perfect Black Diamond mill bastard file.  "Here you can have this".  So I said "Why are you giving me all these tools?"  "Somebody's gonna end up with them sooner or later, might as well be you".  I thanked him again.
  Later I spoke to his son, my boss, and told him this.  He said to just be careful.  Once he gave an air impact wrench to a young shop mechanic.  The kid left for a period of time leaving his tool box there at work.  When he returned, he started to use the impact driver and Dad says "What are you doing with my impact driver?'. Apparently he had forgotten that he gave it to the kid.  Hmmmm.
  So these are in my custody but I better hold onto them for a while - just in case.

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