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Trip to Lewisburg PA
« on: November 24, 2019, 12:09:12 PM »
Tammy wanted to go "The Street of Shops" - a converted mill filled with shops selling crafts and vintage collectables.  I saw some old tools, several overpriced Ford tools and one vendor with some modern tools that weren't special enough to pay for.  Tammy didn't even find anything she wanted that was worth standing in line to pay for.  After lunch we went several blocks over to "Roller Mills Antiques".  This place had a similar format but without the crowds.  But not so much crafts, mostly reasonably priced vintage collectibles - much more interesting than the other place.  I spent over an hour there.  The last half hour was me trying to find my way out and coming across signs that said "More Vendors Upstairs", "More Vendors Downstairs" and "50 More Vendors This Way".  Finally found my way out with these items and Tammy found two very cute little ceramic rabbits.
Proto Professional 6" adjustable - looks relatively modern.
(9) Atkins hacksaw blades
A Swing-A-Way knife sharpener.  Swing-A-Way made the best wall mounted can openers. I'll test this and give a report later.
Jordan, NY