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Also don't forget that the Whitworth wrenches are still for sale - PM me for a price list - I will discount for ToolTalk members.  See wrench Forum; Detailed photos available.**************Update:  I have now sold enough to make back my initial investment, so prices for what's left are more negotiable.

I have two Bonney wrenches and an incomplete set of Duro/Indestro Metric Box Wrenches.
These Bonney Streamline wrenches are super long!  Longer than the examples on AA. Very beautifully crafted.  6 point combination wrench.  The 11/16" is 1122H and is about 10-5/8" long.  The wrench is, I think, unplated.

The 3/4" wrench 1124H appears to be chrome plated and is about 11-3/8" long.

More photos are available.  $2.50 each plus shipping.
********Update:  I recently acquired a 3/8 Streamline which I will throw in if both wrenches are purchased.

Duro/Indestro U.S.A. Offset Short Metric Box End incomplete set.  These are nicely chrome plated, very thick.
929MM - 6MM x 7mm slight rust on one side 7mm end.
932MM - 12MM x 13MM some rust spots.
934AMM - 18MM x 19MM - minimal rust/wear.
934Bmm - 18MM x 20MM - minimal wear, no rust.

More photos available.  $7.00 plus shipping.  (Probably a USPS Priority Small Box - approx $8.30)
These items will be available only for a couple weeks, then posted elsewhere for sale.
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