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Tools- Forsberg Whale Drill
« on: November 23, 2011, 04:53:49 PM »
Out of sight, out of mind! I have had this drill for a long time in my "go bag" that I take when I have a small project to do away from home. I always figured it was a Millers falls, but today, as I went through the bag to clear out things that had been tossed in for specific tasks and needed to be put away, I grabbed it and thought I should look it over.
Last time I used it, I drilled drywall and there was some left on it. Cleaning led me to scraping the handle area to find a logo.
Much to my surprise, I found Forsberg MFG CO, not Millers falls.
Forsberg Mfg Co Hand Drill model W-790 with a Whale logo. This looks a lot like the Millers Falls Model 77 but with a heavier frame. It has a 3 jaw chuck, a chef's hat top handle with space for bits (none included) and a solid wheel with no remnants of the label present. An excellent example of a less common tool maker from the early-mid 20th Century.

Whale Logo by Noel C. Hankamer, on Flickr

Forsberg Whale Drill by Noel C. Hankamer, on Flickr

Forsberg Whale Drill by Noel C. Hankamer, on Flickr
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