Author Topic: Why Cordless Tools Took Over  (Read 4171 times)

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Re: Why Cordless Tools Took Over
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I started using them 12+ yrs ago when I was doing trim work with my father in law (new construction). Got a cheap mastercraft from true value, but when I went into the RV business got a Makita 12v- ran good till batteries died, got 14v till drive stripped, batteries gone, B&D Firestorm 14v great balance batteries gone. Hooked on cordless. On advice from my small engine mechanic, he is factory repair for Ridgid, I bought an 18v 1/2 chuck with 2 ion batteries and charger. The batteries and charger are guaranteed for life (he has ample supply in stock), and the drill is for 3 yrs. Price was good, but the kicker was the weight and balance were exceptional- my arms can't hold a lot of weight for a long period of time. Big difference in old ncad 18v drills and in the balance in the hand. But I still use a corded 1/2 inch metal low speed wrist wrenching 2 speed drill. Really sinks 12" screws into 4x4s.