Author Topic: Estate Haul; Now I've gone and DONE it!!!  (Read 9809 times)

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Re: Estate Haul; Now I've gone and DONE it!!!
« Reply #15 on: September 23, 2012, 10:51:48 PM »
My goodness.

I've filled an S-10 a few times from the same sale, and hauled it home with the bumper dragging the ground...but I've never bought as much as you did!

Just last week, I went to an estate sale that didn't even mention tools for sale. I bought so much that I started hyper-ventilating when I got home, LOL. But the amount that I bought wouldn't hold a candle to what you scored.


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Re: Estate Haul; Now I've gone and DONE it!!!
« Reply #16 on: October 10, 2012, 06:59:51 PM »
my first time on this thread.
Awesome haul. I am a Ford collector. Please what state you are in. The Tool box handle matches my Herbrand tool box but I learned that the toolbox manufacturer made lots of identical boxes with any brand name you wanted

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Re: Estate Haul; Now I've gone and DONE it!!!
« Reply #17 on: October 10, 2012, 08:41:04 PM »
Sometimes I hate persons like you.....
You rock!

Mindin' my own business last Thursday, on way to work, when I saw YARD-SALE sign. Stopped in & quickly bought a couple nice tools, then went on to work. But sittin at my desk I kept thinking back to those tools. I just couldn't help but take a "quick peek" at Craigslist in my area.

Found listing for an estate sale, which mentioned tools &, "...used auto parts, some from the 1940's." So clearly, I HAD to check that out, didn't I? I was on my way!

It was located in an old run-down area in the nearby city, near where my dad grew up. But rougher now. Maybe that's why almost no one else showed up? Turned out to be the estate of an old-time hot rodder, who had been making hot rod cars & motorcycles since the 50's.

I bought way too much. I mean way, WAY too much!  Prices were right, & they let me dig through piles in the garage, attic, & later even in the basement. It seemed like everywhere I looked, I found more goodies. I made fair offers, they accepted. After several hours I called my best buddy & my brother-in-law, & they BOTH brought their pickups to help. Following are some photos:

At first this old tool chest & box weren't for sale. But after I bought so many other items, they asked for an offer.
We agreed on $200.
Check out the pile of parts & stuff to the right of the photo. That was the condition of EVERYTHING at this sale. Heaped on the floor, covered with thick layers of primer dust/dirt, or stuffed in cabinets or attic. Everything was FILTHY.

It took 4 strong men to lift the overstuffed tool chest.

Top box is old Mac Tools; bottom chest is Cornwell.

Tool tray wouldn't fit in box.

Here is second tool box & rolling chest. It had fewer tools; mostly lead-working paddles & hammers, plus lots of small & interesting vintage car parts.

I love the vintage stickers & graphics. Some of them are from the early 60's or even the 50's. I probably overpaid for this 2nd box pair, at $70.

As I said, 2nd tool chest had fewer tools, but interesting car parts...or at least interesting if you like OLD cars & hot rods!!

However, 2nd chest was filled with OLD B&W photos of vintage hot rods & custom cars. There are dozens like this.

We spent 3 long days hauling auto parts, vintage pedal cars, motorcycle parts, vintage model car kits, & even a mostly-complete 1940 Mercury convertible which had been cut into sections so it could be stored inside the basement of the home. The photo above shows my buddy Big Tommy at the end of the first day of hauling. We had only 2 pickup trucks that day, & we loaded most of the Merc in Tommy's truck. This photo was taken just after we arrived home.

The photo above is the other pickup we used on that first day. It belongs to my BIL, who was a big help. Notice the old solid-wall racing slick, the rally wheels, boxes and boxes of old spotlights, Corvette headlight assy's, bumper guards, OEM muscle car alternators and distributors, and too much more to mention here.

Let me not lose the required focus on "tools." In the photo above, you will note the cool old grinder in the middle of the drag slick. I couldn't read the brand name in the dark old shop, but for $10, I took it anyway. At right side of photo, sharp readers will spot the tail shaft of a Muncie 4-speed.

Here is photo of yet another truckload. This time with load of tools, fenders, & doors. Most parts from 1939-40 Fords & Mercury's.

More parts loaded up for ride home.

Here is a neat old Milwaukee Sawzall, early style. Leaning against a really cool old aluminum propellor. NO idea what it is for.

Above is a pretty big box stuffed full of emblems from cars of the 60's & 70's; most in great shape, with pins in place, etc. 

Schwinn bicycle seat; from the 1960's, I think. Next to it are a Mac 1/4" drive ratchet and a Snap-On plier set.

1936 Ford spare tire cover. Excellent cond.

WWII GI helmet, full of tools.

3 Beautiful grilles; one a Model T, one a 32 Ford, and one a 34 Ford (I think.)

Nice Kett Double-Cuts.

28-9 Model A headlight in great shape, and correct original trim rings for 8" Vette Rally wheels.

Among all the tools I found several vintage pedal cars. This one is heaped under other parts and tools.

More vintage pedal cars. The blue metal flake car is a Studebaker Hawk by Midwest Industries, made circa 1956.

How 'bout this cool old Merc convt?? It's rough, but very uncommon. The parts alone are almost priceless.

Can anyone help me ID this top tool box? Perhaps this end-handle will help??

This is one of the coolest vintage wagons I've seen.

Also included were about a zillion vintage model car kits. Here we laid some of them out in front of my old Chevelle.

There are LOTS more photos of LOTS of vintage model cars & kits, but I'm not sure if members want to see more of these?

Finally, on 4th day of loading & hauling tools, car parts, & vintage automotive collectibles, we hauled the last load. It may look like nothing but junk, but looks are deceiving. We THOUGHT we had found all the goodies on the first 3 days, but when we dug into nooks and crannies in the garage attic and the basement, we found many more tools, a 40 Ford Wonderbar radio, vintage car emblems, dozens of really old hot rodding magazines, vintage speed decals, and too much more to mention. In the end, we hauled out 3 dump truck loads, 4 pickup truck loads, 3 trailer loads, & one mini-car bulging at the seams. Next week we are due to return, to see if there are any other items which turn up which can be bought, & to look at the one old vintage hot rod vehicle which they plan to sell. 

As I said...this time I've REALLY done it. I've bought TOO much.
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