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vlchek, billings, herbrand, williams, Bonney, IHC, ect
« on: July 29, 2011, 01:14:16 AM »
OK, so I've got some out of control collections. So, within the next day or two....... scratch that..... within the next month, I'll be attempting to take some pictures of these wrenches. THey are collections that have gotten completely out of control...... which is saying a lot, because all of my collections are out of control!!! These are collections I love, but I can't keep every collection that I love.  ..... of course, you all know how well I do at "parting" with the tools!!!!
     But, I'm writing here---- hopefully writing this will make me take pictures and post those collections of wrenches.  As you all know, I'm not so great at following up on anything. But, it's my latest goal to attempt to get pictures of these collection so that I can post them and then  (OH, can I really part with them??), hopefully let some of you folks find wrenches you've been looking for.
     As we all know, or... any of you that have known me long enough..... this is a pretty big project for me to take on ..... as pathetic as it may be. But, it's my goal for the next few weeks.
     So, as much as I hate to part with my Williams, Herbrands, Vlcheks, Bonneys, IHCx, ect.   I'm going to work on that. 
  So, there's really only a few of you that have to know about this....... because you know it will be a miracle if I actually follow through on this with pictures, prices, and all....... But, it's my latest goal. 
      So, that's what I'll be working on for the next few weeks.... wish me luck!
Cheers, bird
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